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HS Elite Combine 2024: Girls Standouts

By ACH Staff, 06/05/24, 6:00AM CDT


Take a look at some of the prospects who caught our eye from this past Sunday...

San Antonio, TX-

            There were several talented young ladies who took center stage on Sunday, and full advantage was taken of. From guards to wings and bigs, there was no shortage of talent as 46 prospects showed up, competed, and put in hard work in front of our staff.

In no specific order, here is a breakdown of the top hoopers who merited extra attention because of their work on the gym floor:

Joel Morris

Corina Barrera 5’10” Sotomayor HS (2027)- Plays the game with a nice feel and overall ease, which allows her to be an all-around player. She made sound decisions to score and be a connecting piece as a secondary playmaker, coming off dribble handle off’s or receiving the ball at the wing. Strong frame and showed off her mobility and athleticism, is a multi-sport athlete.

Carley Reyes 5’6” Jay HS (2027)- small guard with high end handles and above average quickness. Always looking for her teammates as the initial read when she plays up-tempo. A lot of possessions started with her quickness and shiftiness to find her teammates for a direct assist or creating great inertia for a hockey assist. 

Loghan Hamilton 5’9” Harlan HS (2027)- shot making guard that can make tough shots from the perimeter. She really strived once going downhill and used her strength to shed off defenders and score. She dominated one v one situations as she overpowered most players in her way. With a strong build, used it to her advantage to create space and out-physicaled would-be defenders.

Amaya Holton 6’0” East Central HS (2025)- inside out threat as she controlled the boards being very active and fundamental with her box outs. She was lethal from the perimeter as she consistently knocked down 3’s in the catch and shoot, mid range pull ups and off the dribble with fluidity. Her overall game has grown exponentially in just a year, the ceiling is very high with this one.

Isaiah Meuchelbock

Chazlyn Dettor 6’1” Chaparral HS (2025)- impressive size, and although has the frame of a low post, showed the ability to move and handle like a point forward. Grabbing the board off the glass, pushing off the dribble and finding outlet passes. When she did get to use her size in the paint she was efficient and effective, putting in buckets.

Ava Mitchell 5’4” SA Johnson HS (2025)- loved the way she picked up full court on defense. Played with a controlled abandon, constantly on the ground or mixing it up for loose balls. Rebounded well for her size. Gets into the lane at will to either attack or draw in the defense to free up teammates.

Naya Burleson 5’11” Buda Hays HS (2025)- showed an impressive, accurate jumper all event. Connected on multiple three-pointers in addition to being money from the mid-range. Bothered somewhat by a high ankle sprain, the young lady gutted it out and showed hardly an ill effects.

Nyla Anderson 5’5” Bowie HS (2025)- nice guard with solid handles and played lockdown defense. From the jump in the defensive drills, was extremely active and quick footed. Additionally mixed in a good mid-range jumper and had no problems in attacking off the dribble, getting to the hole and finishing.

Rosanelly Pastrano 5’3” Lee HS (2026)- very skilled and smart prospect. Showed that she is a great shooter and put on as a facilitator drawing reactions from on-lookers. The rate at which she consistently connects from the outside makes her a threat. Her size does make her a point guard and with her IQ, vision, and ability to score if needed, she can contribute in multiple ways

Hannah McDonald 5’4” Antonian HS (2025)- strong build for a smaller guard and uses her frame to play physical on both ends. Has a quickness off the bounce that allowed her to constantly attack and get into the paint. Was above average in drawing contact when in deep and finishing with a bucket.

Alison Naylor 6’1” Pieper HS (2027)- only a freshman, but has an extremely high ceiling as she continues to come into her own. Tall, long, and moves very well, getting up and down the court. Impressed me with her footwork in the low block. Also instinctive at using her length to get in passing lanes and registered several blocked shots. With some very talented post players on hand, will be one of the better post prospects in the Tri-Regions over the next three seasons.

Antonio G. Castillo

Danica Williams 5’7” Bowie HS (2027)- wasted no time in attacking from outside or using either hand to get to the rim and score. Light on her feet, is more than a handful defensively, staying with most opposing guards. For a freshmen, displayed maturity in being able to make a decision and go with it. Did not force or over think the situation. Advance IQ for a 2027.

Justine Aguilar 6’0” Flour Bluff HS (2025)- Certainly in the running for best overall prospect that laced them up this past weekend. From head to toe has a strong physique, showed off very nice handles using either hand. Plays so intelligently within her pace and knows when to push the attack or breakdown and use her lethal jumper. Vision is a plus, and uses her size to rebound well for a guard/wing. No question is a prospect that will be a nice land for a program at the next college level.

Ruhama Salyers 5’5” Harlan HS (2027)- one of the more intriguing freshmen who left several people asking who #15 was. Very quick, moved like a jitter bug. Her ability to get the ball and go was impressive. Her quick first step was impressive and it led to her time and time again, getting the step on the would be defender and beating them to the point of attack. Her mid-range jumper was smooth and deadly, the same for her jumper from distance. Also had several assists in finding the open man.

Haylee Rivers 5’7” Manor HS (2025)- from all the guards, was certainly at the top of the conversation of having the biggest impact defensively. Constantly deflecting passes and registering clean block after clean block. After the turnover, she was a catalyst in starting the break the other way by picking up the rock and pushing transition or had several outlets leading to an easy bucket. Finished several drives herself, but she showed how to have a huge impact on the game without it having to be offensive.

Casey Chavez 5’6” O’Connor HS (2027)- a part of the upper echelon of shooters who attended the HS Elite Combine. Just lethal from anywhere on the court and range or distance did not matter. Her control and fluidity is flat out impressive. On one occasion from the right wing, going full speed, stopped on a dime, went behind the back, changed direction, stepped back and swished a trey. It was to the point that if she had a shot, the expectation was a make every time.

Jah’Dae Bussey 5’7” Sotomayor (2025)- had my vote for the most surprising prospect. Did a lot of things very well. From being able to score repeatedly off the dribble, get into the lane and finish. Her mid-range game was smooth and consistent, and saw her also do damage repeatedly from beyond the arc. Hits the glass very well and showed that no matter the competition she was a performer. Certainly stood out on Sunday.

Jerriyah Baines 5’9” Chaparral HS (2025)- there is a reason she holds close to or more than a dozen D1 offers. This young lady is a problem and as soon as she gets an inch on the defender, you can call it. She lives for making buckets. With her strong core, tight handles and quickness, once she gets downhill you’re not stopping her. Will live in the lane if you don’t back off. Then it’s about picking your poison. You sluff off, and she will make you pay from the perimeter. A very reliable perimeter threat too and beyond the 3-point line. Has that get after it mentality and it’s a perfect complement to her defensive style as well. She will hound you.

Grace Guzman 5’7” Bowie HS (2026)- another marksmen who needs very little space to get her shot off, and more times than not will drain it. The sophomore was constantly working her away around the court, in constant motion, coming off picks, tight and curling or to extend on the wing. Either way she had a laser for a jumper and it was on display. Played smart, just didn’t settle for the three, would step or dribble inward and utilize her mid-range accuracy as well.