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Summer Hoopsfest Standouts

By ACH Staff, 07/19/22, 9:45PM CDT


Here are some of the top prospects who stood out from the weekend...

San Antonio, TX-

After a full of weekend of hoops, our AlamoCityHoops Staff now goes a bit further in depth, and brings you just some of the hoopers who stoodout at the Summer Hoopsfest.

Santiago Ochoa (6’2” / 2023 / HD Toros Elite 17U)
A big factor that consistently led the Toros to wins and the 17U Championship. He frequently got downhill, getting to his euro step, and using his aggressiveness in transition to score in bunches. He tallied 18 points in the first win of the day. During the second game he had 26 points, including 6 threes, proving he can shoot the ball efficiently from deep as well.

Daniel Mbaeteka (7’0”/2024/ Hines D1 16U)
Was a huge presence in the paint during the Summer Hoopfest. Has a large frame with the ability to bully defenders inside. Shows a good post-up game with the ability to seal, and displays good IQ when swarmed by multiple defenders inside. His mere presence might not always show up in the box score, but you can definitely see how he alters shots inside and controls the lane with his sheer size and length.

Paul “Tre” Pullins (6’8”/2023/Texas Hardwork Soto 17U)
Our staff does not speak in “Absolute” terms. Guarantee this, lock that, and so forth. So, over the last 3 weeks seeing this young man completely transform his game has been impressive. Multiple times showcased his new pair of handles, both left and right hands. Pulled down boards, and would start transition. Going 94 feet, behind his back and finishing through contact with his left hand. His motor was revving all weekend. Several times he played above the rim and finished with authority. Showed he has confidence to stretch out, face up, and either attack off the dribble or let if fly. More college coaches need to have eyes on the Somerset big.

Jarin Hall (6’3”/2023/HD Toros Elite 17U)
Speaking of confidence, Hall had an extra dose of it. Shooting the rock very well all weekend. He did it from a catch and a shoot perspective, as well as off the bounce. Taking 1-2 dribbles, attacking, then stopping and popping. Was a key factor in contributing to the Toros run.

Lukas Drasutis (6’7”/2023/Texas Hardwork Soto 17U)
Is now 100% from a knee injury and he’s continuing to show no ill effects. Moved with fluidity, most of the time in the paint, but displayed that he’ll get up and down the court with all the other athletes. Like his teammate Pullens, finished several rim rockers on the weekend. Soft touch in the interior and uses his length to rebound very well on both ends.

Zachariah Linson (6’0”/2025/SA Legends 15U)
Showed multiple skills throughout the weekend. He can score very efficiently, a three-level scorer that uses his length to his advantage. He tallied 19 points in a win to begin Day 2, including 4 threes, proving he can really shoot it. For a sophomore to be, as a guard, his size and handles look promising along with his quick release and ability to finish around the rim.

Dakarai Hodge (6’3” / 2023 / SA Fire 17U)
Bouncing back from a knee-injury that had him sidelined for a majority the high school season, Hodge is certainly making progress to looking like himself again. Was very aggressive during the event. Did a great job of using his handles and large frame to beat defenders to the cup, as well as his aggressiveness and strength to finish with power at the rim. He showed consistency from long range, tallying 6 threes and 23 points in the final game of Day 2 for SA Fire 17U.

Xavier Martinez (5’11”/2023/HD Toros Elite 17U)
Proved to be un-guardable most of the weekend. As the competition got tougher, his game got better. He led the Toros with 31 pts in the Championship win and did it with his usual overall performance of dissecting defenses through the lane. Splashing his jumper from the outside and finding the open teammates. An area of his game that doesn’t get enough credit is his defense. Is like glue, constantly harassed the ball and created havoc with multiple deflections and steals.

Harold Lee (7’3”/2024/Hines D1 16U)
Good passer, specifically in the “Hi-Low” repeatedly with his big teammate Mbaeteka. Smart player who is still developing into his body. Incredible length, his arms extended cover the entire paint. Because of his height and length, is automatic with buckets down low and will punish the rim.

Jaxson Vandegarde (6’0”/2024/ATX Force 17U)
Quick point guard who does both. Is a facilitator and the spark that drives the team’s engine. He displayed the ability to be an offensive threat from all over, including his perimeter game which caused problems for defense all weekend. His savvy as the floor general is evident. Several times executing pick and rolls, pick and pops, knowing where his teammates would be subconsciously.

Micah Gibbs (6’0”/2023/Max Level Elite White 17U)
Scored in multiple ways, inside and out, and most importantly when it mattered for Max Level Elite. Showed he can facilitate as well, and got teammates involved throughout the weekend. Was impressive in the halfcourt sets as he executed consistently and also led Max Level Elite in scoring during one of their wins with 25 points.

Isaac Stoffer (6’1”/2023/CC Ice 17U) 
We’ve seen this before from the young man. Unmatched energy on both ends, making plays impacting the game, with and without the ball in his hands. His IQ as a point guard is expected, but still impressive. The young man is relentless and only knows to play in overdrive. Had 21 points in their final game of the weekend, falling just short in a one possession contest.

Carter May (6’8”/2023/Max Level Elite Red 17U)
The big man made sure to make his presence known on the defensive end, cleaning up the boards, altering shots, and logging rejections. He certainly plays with his head on a swivel and was seen helping teammates from the weakside when they got beat. Is a legit rim protector. Offensively, shows good footwork on the block, and has no issue stepping out 14-16 feet to face up and use his jumper.  

Kyle Kihlberg (6’6”/2025/ATX Lockdown 15U)
Passes the eye test as a sophomore to be, broad frame with plenty of room to add strength. Primarily played on the interior down low but did show he can come out on a pick and pop and use a jumper. Is very active, gets up and down the floor, will play physical to score down low in the paint.