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Kicking Off The Spring With Some Of The Top Teams At The Launch

By Anthony Tavarez, 03/30/22, 11:00PM CDT


Walking into the gym and seeing the crowds watching some of the old faces such as ATX Lockdown, HD Toros, and TX Hardwork, let us know we are in for a great spring/summer season. If you have attended an ACH event in the past one knows how the matchups are set. In order to compete against the top teams one must prove themselves and work up the ladder. There were several teams who proved themselves this weekend. We highlight some of the top teams from each division starting with the 15U and 16U teams.


ATX Lockdown (4-0)

There was no doubt who the best 15U team was this past weekend. As they walked in the gym there was one thing one could notice, size up and down the roster. ATX Lockdown played with intensity and efficiency as their closest game was an eight point victory. The inside out play of '25 Kyle Kihlberg (6’6”, Lake Travis) and '25 Adrian Wilson (6’2”, Del Valle). Every player knew their role and played it exceptionally well. This could possibly be the best ATX Lockdown team to date.

W – SA King Hoops 62-26                                                                                        W – AFTP Hoops 62-31                                                                                            W – TX Hardwork (2026) 57-37                                                                          W – SA Hoops Elite 65-57

CenTex Attack 2026 (4-0)

We had more 8th grade teams this year than in years prior and this squad was ready to ball. You never know what to expect from a young group but from the tip they were on a mission. After being challenged by a big Abilene Arete squad, CenTex Attack went on to win the next two games by an average of 31 points. Through three games CenTex Attack was balanced in their victories. It wasn’t until the final game where the stars stepped up as Orden Roberts (2027) dropped 25, including three 3s, in a two point victory over TWE Warriors.

W – Abilene Arete 61-55                                                                                          W – SA Vipers 73-30                                                                                                    W – LSR National Red 57-37                                                                                  W – TWE 70-68

Hardwork 2026 (3-1)

As mentioned before we had several 8th grade teams and Hardwork was the best of the group. The speed and intensity this squad plays with was overwhelming for the other 2026 squads. So much so a midday schedule change to give the squad a challenge was made. Their lone loss was to the top 15U at The Launch, ATX Lockdown. Each player was capable of handling the rock and attacking the rim through traffic. It did not matter the size of other teams. The key with the top 15U squads was balance and everyone scored and contributed at different moments throughout the weekend.

W – SA FOA (2026) 62-45                                                                                            W – Pack Basketball (2026) 81-32                                                                        L – ATX Lockdown 57-37                                                                                         W – Rhythm Basketball (2026) 54-33


CRAB 5 (4-0)

This organization is not new to the ACH staff but you can quickly see this squad was much improved from last year. Possibly the most physical team in the gym this past weekend. The first half of each game Crab5 was tested as each game remained close at half. The second half is where the size, speed, and physical play began to wear down the opponents. The most impressive aspect of this team was their ability to adjust to the different styles of play. ’25 Josh Zakiara (6'4", Birdville) defense on the perimeter and down low, Jed Nansha (6'8" Hillcrest) rebounding and post up game, and Nate Macadory (6'1", Hillcrest) speed and pull up game, were a big reason why Crab5 was able to adjust to the styles.

W – SA Future White 61-42                                                                                   W – AD Elite Gold 73-67                                                                                         W – TX Bulldogs 64-40                                                                                               W – STX Hoops 71-66

TX Bulldogs (4-1)

The Bulldogs made a trip down from San Angelo and brought in some talent we had not seen before. The speed an toughness was a tough match up. The quickness and shiftiness of ’25 Jaidden Villanueva (5’10”, TCL Academy), sharpshooting of Drew Sherrill (6’0”, TLC Academy), and toughness of ’25 Anthony Lopez (5’2”, Trinity Lutheran School), led the way for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs controlled the pace of each game except for one against Crab5. Looking forward to seeing more of this group in the future.

W–LaredoDCBA 70-65                                                                                            W – Arnold Elite 73-52                                                                                                L – Crab5 64-40                                                                                                             W – SA King Hoops 70-57                                                                                            W – Texas tigers 67-49

Stay tuned for highlight of the top 17U teams as well as the top  individual players from The Launch