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Dec, 2019

Christmas Wish List

(By: Anthony Tavarez)

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San Antonio, TX-

Christmas is just a day away and I wanted to get my 210 Basketball Wish List Team.  These are players who I would want on my squad. Teams are built around different aspects, shooting, run and gun, or defense.  My wish list consists of a little of everything.  Everyone’s wish list is different but this is mine!


PG – Austin Nunez, 2022 6’1” (Cornerstone Christian)
When creating a team you always need a pg who knows how to run the show.  Nunez has the ability to not only take over a game by hitting the long ball or crafting his way to the lane but by also getting his teammates involved and setting them up for easy shots. He has been competing at a high level for so long that no moment is to big.

SG – Journee Phillips, 2020 6’2” (SA Wagner)
Two things to point out if you don’t have Journee on your squad. 1) You've never seen him play and 2) you don’t want to win.  Journee brings an energy and competitiveness that is hard to for anyone to match.  He takes pride in hustle plays and being the aggressor, but there is more to his game.  Journee can score the ball. He is not one that needs to shoot 20 times a game to get his in, and he'll pound the boards all day long for you. He plays like a 6'8" beast.

SF – Tre White, 2022 6’5” (Cornerstone Christian)
In my eyes, the city’s top overall prospect and he's recently opened up his recruitment after decommitting from Kansas.  White does a lot of everything on the court including punishing the rim. His silky smooth pull up "J" makes it hard for defenders to concentrate on just one aspect offensively.  If you guard the jumper he will take it into the lane and finish through contact.

PF – Ze'rik Onyema, 2020 6’7” (John Jay)
Onyema had a strong summer that saw his stock go straight to the top and he's continued his strong play into the high school season. Zerik has increased his range and is not only a threat on the block as he has showed range from beyond the arc, but his ability to play effectively around the glass, finishing with powerful dunks, step backs from the short corner, and blocking shots in the middle makes him a unique threat. All the reasons why he has signed with UTEP.

C – Jerrell Colbert, 2021 6'9" (Cornerstone Christian)
It is rare to see one with Colbert’s size run the floor and finish.  Has great athleticism which allows him to rotate from weak to strong side quickly to block shots. His length allows him to cover long distances while closing out on a three point shooter.  Colbert is not just a finesse big, but he can play with his back to the basket using an array of moves to score.

What good is a starting five without a reserve players stepping in and contributing?

PG – Gavino Ramos, 2021 6’2” (Antonian)
What a luxury it would be to have a player of his ability to come off the bench and provide a spark. Ramos is deceptively athletic, getting to the rim utilizing angles and long strides to the basket. One can’t question his toughness as he will take it in and take the punishment to draw fouls. Another pg who can set the nets on fire or create for teammates. Whatever the situation calls for Ramos will fill the void.

SG – Jalen Mangum, 2020 5’10” (SA Harlan)
Need buckets and quick? Mangum has that NBA JAM “He’s on fire” logo around his name once you see him hit that first three. He's a scoring machine and can get hot quick. Explosive when going to the rim and tends to make the acrobatic lay-ins in traffic. Always ready to shoot giving him a quick release. The energy he brings on the court always provides a spark to get his teammates on track.

C– Vincent Iwuchukwu, 2022 6’10” (SA Cole)
Another athletic big who runs the floor and covers a lot of ground quickly. No shot is ever an open shot with Iwuchukwu in the lane as his massive wingspan allows him to alter shots. Iwuchukwu is always active on the boards no matter the type of game he may be having. Once he gets the ball in the paint its nearly an automatic two points.

F – Will Carsten, 6’8 2020 (SA Reagan)
Every team needs a player who is simply tough and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Carsten recently opened up his recruitment as he was once committed as a baseball prospect, but is now fully open to ballin' on the hardwood. Will has a body that is ready for the next level and has improved his footwork since last year. A mismatch for many players at his position once he catches the ball on the wing and drives down the lane. He's a double-double machine.

G – Santiago Ochoa, 6’3” 2023 (Antonian)
Ochoa is a name we will be hearing for many years as he's already proven that he is ready for the big stage.  Santiago can play the point or slide over to the two position.  Teams try to pressure him to create turnovers but he handles himself with so much composure and seems as if he welcomes the challenge by not backing down. Ochoa can create his own shot off the dribble and is not afraid of contact, and of course, is only a freshman.